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Me is not the past with all the events that came to pass.

The achievements and failures are also not myself.

I, only a temporary name was given by self,

and for that, only self is to be blamed.

For Me is a slice of the whole,

myself is a…



The Shiny Daisy Girl

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The twinkling stars saw

in darkest night under the open sky,

quietly lay,

The shiny daisy girl.

beneath the dress covered

across her gentle body

was a treacherous invade,

silently borne, The shiny daisy girl.

crime pervade,

passerby waved, and

she laid unafraid,

The shiny daisy girl.

reporters surveyed,

politicians preyed, and

the nation prayed

For the shiny daisy girl.

See you again,
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~ Shubh & Faisal
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